Crucial – The Memory Experts

High-performance Memory
Crucial is a key brand in the Lexar Media family of products, and are a division of Micron Europe Limited.  As the Memory Experts™, they are the only DRAM supplier that’s part of a major memory manufacturer.

Boasting a comprehensive offering of high-quality, award-winning memory products for nearly every system out there.  Crucial’s website offers ease of use, a catalogue of advice and array of relevant product information.

When our customers need a memory upgrade, we always use Crucial.

Click the banner to left to view the range of options available, including the system scanner which will guide you through the process of choosing the right upgrade for your computer.

Beware virus alert scammers!

I’ve taken great delight in my second call from someone who wanted to tell me that my computer was distressed and sending their server lots of error messages.

In both cases, the callers were probably in nappies when I started my first job in IT, but still they persisted in the story that I simply MUST help them to get remote control of my computer.  Sadly, I got frustrated by the first one (who professed to be calling from Microsoft) and I hung up on her.

Second time around I kept the call going to the bitter end.  This one said she was calling on behalf of my broadband provider and when pushed, she reeled off the names of half a dozen companies that she and her colleagues were ‘working for’.  To my delight, my ISP wasn’t one of them and she eventually hung up on me.

Your computer will not notify anyone if it’s in trouble.  If you work in a large office with a state of the art IT department, they may notice if your computer starts flooding their network.  On the otherhand, their systems may just deal with the problem and cut you off, but no-one will call you.

If your computer is running particularly slowly, or sending you to websites you didn’t ask for, then feel free to call us!

AVG still coming to the rescue

As established AVG security software resellers, we are pleased to say that they are still coming to the rescue.  Despite increased competition in this sector, AVG consistently offers high detection rates with a reduced impact on system performance.  Added to that, when we report new viruses to AVG, they generally issue an update within a few hours, as opposed to 2 days in the case of one of the major players!

AVG Free is still a popular choice, but if you think you may no longer qualify for a free licence; if you use your computer for commercial purposes, or if there is more than one computer in the household, do drop us a line for a competitive quote on a 1 or 2 year licence for your PCs.

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