Recommended Deals

Here you will find the equipment that we are happy to recommend to customers, or to use in our own portfolio. If you need advice on a purchase then just drop us a line and we’ll track down your perfect partner


Here is a selection of some of the laptops that are currently catching the eye. We will always recommend the higher end Intel processors, a minimum of 8GB RAM and a 240GB solid state disk. Your requirements may be higher, so please drop us a line if you’d like assistance.

Desktops are built to your specification. Buying prebuilt computers is always a gamble after the warranty is up as you are often tied to buying spares from the manufacturer. Witness the £1000 desktop which blew its niche graphics card at 13 months, only to reveal that the motherboard was old technology and didn’t support mainstream add-ons. A replacement motherboard was easy to acquire, but the connections to the case were bespoke, so that was replaced too.

If you’re replacing an older computer, migration of data and apps (where possible) can be handled for a fee of £120


A great way to extend the life of your computer is to upgrade a conventional mechanical hard drive with solid state technology. In a world where prices are constantly rising, SSDs are lower in price now than ever before. Shown below are four drives, ranging from 240GB to 2TB.

The 3.5″ SATA format will suit desktop computers and many laptops, but if you’re not sure if you need the smaller M2 or similar, drop us a line with the make and model of your device.

Install and clone is £90, ensuring all your files and programs are copied over to the new drive, so that the only difference you will see is the speed.


Here are some of the staples that we recommend on regular basis and use for ourselves. Impulse shopping in the IT world needn’t be expensive! Some of it can even be eco-friendly, with the appearance of the ocean plastic mouse from Microsoft.

And we couldn’t resist sharing the random gadgets with you too…

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