Intel Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD


This is an updated specification that we are now building in-house.  Packed with features that you just won’t find off the shelf from high street retailers (not at these prices), each custom build is carefully planned and built to suit your requirements.  Typical turnaround is one week from receipt of payment.

Every PC comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty, but unlike other suppliers, when that runs out you have the remainder of the manufacturers warranty on the parts too!

As a custom build if there’s anything you would change to create your ideal PC, just drop us a line.  If you fancy LED fans and a viewing window to see inside your new computer, it’s easily achievable.

Keyboards, mice, screens and many other items are available at competitive prices, most with warranties that will leave high street retailers crying.

Fourth generation Core i3 Processor

8GB RAM (upgradeable to 32GB POA)

256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

The future of storage.  The technology behind the SSD is similar to the RAM inside your computer, so there are no moving parts and therefore less to go wrong.  With no time required to physically locate your data on a disk surface, these drives are blindingly quick and your programs will load in seconds.

N Standard Wifi Nano Adapter

Up to 150Mbps dependent on router and environment.  Please enquire for other options.

Gigabit wired Ethernet

£589 including delivery

Windows 8.1 Basic (Other versions available on request, including Windows 7 & 10)

This PC is built on the fantastic Gigabyte Series 8 motherboard, with 6 channel sound and great graphics built in.  If you’re looking for a top spec gaming PC you might also think about addingone of the Nvidia GTX range of graphics cards for an additional £200.  With a 600W Corsair power supply, it’s ready to upgrade at any time.