Solid State Drive Upgrade

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If you want to get the very best out of your computer, consider upgrading your conventional hard disk to a new solid state drive (or SSD).   Like camera cards and USB pen drives, these devices have no moving parts and the performance increase in comparison to a traditional spinning disk is not dissimilar to the improvement from tape to disk. This is a great time to move to solid state technology.  Prices have fallen significantly over the past few years and higher capacities are making their way onto the market.  If you’ve already purchased a drive, the cost to copy all your files and applications across and fit the new drive is just £75.

Did you know?

If you need more capacity than the more affordable, smaller SSDs are offering, you can keep your old hard drive as well – even in most laptops!  Caddies are available which can be fitted into most DVD bays to house your old disk and if you want a DVD drive to hand as well, external drives are available for £20-25.  Alternatively, a box to turn the old drive into an external one and leave the DVD in peace is just a few pounds.