Moving Your Website Forward

There are lots of ways to move your website forward. For many small businesses it’s a question of writing short articles to let the adoring public (ok, the Googlebot) know that you’re not on an extended sabbatical in Nassau. For others it may be a facelift and for many it is a foray into social media.

If you branch out into Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, these things can be easily integrated so that what you do in one place doesn’t need replicating elsewhere.

But I digress. The reason for this article was a terrifying piece I stumbled across on Twitter. Actually I didn’t find it terrifying. As a seasoned WordPress author I loved it, but there are many out there who would sweep it away as gibberish and technobabble, but it needn’t be.

If you love the techie side of WordPress, here’s the article: WordPress Plugins

If your website has been crafted for your needs then everything you do within your comfort zone can pay dividends.  What you do may be creative, rather than technical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach your digital (international) audience without leaving your comfort zone.

Everything that I’ve touched on relates to problems that I have personally dealt with recently, so if you’re feeling a little out of touch with your internet audience, do drop us a line at 11December.  There is an easier way forward with your digital shopfront and it needn’t cost you the earth.

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