Shopping Tips

A big part of what we do here at 11December involves tracking down computer parts at the best possible price, whether that’s for upgrades, repairs or new purchases.  Here are a few of the latest bargains that we are currently purchasing for customers.

We never recommend anything less than an Intel Core i3 processor and these days a starting point of 8GB of RAM (memory) is sensible.

Any laptops featured on this page can be fully configured with data transfer, application installs (subject to available licenses) and hard drive upgrades (hardware supplied at cost price) for just £150 labour.

For Office software, we recommend SoftwareGeeks.  The following information is correct as of 27th March 2019.

Office Home & Student 2019, £34.99

The Home & Student editions are purely for non-commercial use, so if you want to use your programs for business purposes, we recommend the following

Office Professional Plus 2019, £64.99

Operating system licences are available in Home and Professional versions, but the Pro licences are often better value, with more features included.

Windows 7 Professional, £13.99
Windows 10 Professional, £19.99
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