Custom build PCs are really showing the benefits nowadays, with the falling prices of memory and fast solid state drives.

Many off the shelf PCs will be limited in the amount of memory that you can add to them over time – 16GB is a typical figure at the moment.  Most of our custom build PCs are upgradeable to 32GB and are usually over-spec for ventilation and cooling.

We don’t recommend anything under a Core i3 processor, again with an eye on the future and all our PCs feature Gigabyte motherboards.  The superior build quality has been recognised for years.

If you prefer a solution from a big manufacturer, we supply Fujitsu Siemens business class PCs.  Their quiet energy efficiency, coupled with the three year onsite warranty (direct from Fujitsu) make them unbeatable. Here is a small selection of the PCs we can supply.

If you have a particular requirement then please get in touch.  The range of sizes, colours and capacities is simply too wide to express here, though we hope to create a gallery of some of the options soon.

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