Converting Word docs to PDF

I’m often asked by users of older version of Office, how they can create PDFs and which internet tools are to be avoided.  Rather than limit the functionality, or share your documents with some unknown third party, it is simple to give your computer the ability to create PDFs from anything, in the same way that you can print anything.

Here is the body of an email that I sent to one of my customers this morning:

For writing PDFs, you need a tool called Cute PDF Writer, which can be downloaded here:

It relies on a second utility called Ghostscript which should be installed automatically as part of the process, or to be sure you can install it first here:

Once you have both tools there will be a new printer in your list, so you can print any documents from any application and just choose the Cute PDF Writer as the target.  You will be prompted for a location to save to.

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